Pearl Care 珍珠保養

  1. 珍珠為有機寶石,容易磨損,需細心呵護。
  2. 化妝品、香水及護髮噴霧都含有化學製品,令珍珠失去光澤。所以,先化妝,最後佩戴珍珠。另外,人體所排的油及汗水成酸性,亦可能損害珍珠。
  3. 珍珠首飾佩戴後,請將其清潔乾淨再放入首飾盒。建議各位用柔軟的絨布擦拭。
  4. 珍珠首飾需單獨存放於首飾盒中,以免珍珠與其他首飾摩擦而損傷。
  5. 切勿用水、紙巾或任何刺激的清潔劑清洗珍珠。
  6. 長久佩戴925銀珍珠首飾時,純銀會出現不同程度的氧化,各位可用銀抹布擦拭氧化的位置,令其回復原貌。
  1. Pearls are organic gemstones that are prone to wear and tear and require careful handling.
  2. Cosmetics, perfumes, and hair sprays all contain chemicals that can tarnish pearls. So, make up first, and wear pearls last. In addition, the oil and sweat discharged by the human body become acidic, which may also damage pearls.
  3. After wearing pearl jewelry, please clean it before putting it in the jewelry box. It is recommended that you wipe it with a soft flannel.
  4. Pearl jewelry should be stored in a jewelry box separately to prevent pearls from being damaged by friction with other jewelry.
  5. Never wash pearls with water, paper towels, or any harsh cleaners.
  6. When wearing 925 silver pearl jewelry for a long time, the sterling silver will be oxidized to varying degrees. You can wipe the oxidized position with a silver rag to restore it to its original appearance.